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Cornerstone Health Solutions is dedicated to supporting you through your addiction treatment. We are committed to helping you with financial assistance, providing you with thorough medication education, helping keep you on track, and being fully available to you to answer questions.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a brain disorder that convinces you and your body that you need a particular substance to survive. It is an illness just like any other medical condition. Substances can change how your brain works and make it physically impossible to stop using. It is not something that can be controlled without help. At first the substance may make you feel good. However, over time your brain changes and then you need the substance just to have a normal day. Addiction can take control of your life and convince you that nothing else is more important than continuing to use the substance.

What causes an addiction?

Not everyone that uses substances like alcohol and drugs will become addicted. Everyone’s brains and bodies are different and respond to these substances differently. A substance may make one person feel great but may make another person feel sick. Some people are just more likely to become addicted based on their body and brain, something none of us can control. However, there are certain factors that may increase your risk of becoming addicted to a substance. These factors include:

  • Using substances at a young age
  • Mental health problems like depression
  • Being around others that use substances
  • Stress

Some people may start using substances during these situations to make them feel better. However, as stated above, over time you may need to use the substance regularly just to function during the day. That is how addiction can become a problem.

What specialty medications do you offer to treat addiction?

  • Vivitrol

What should I expect from treatment?

Vivitrol is a medication that is injected into your muscle once every 28 days. This medication cannot be self-administered at home so you would be required to visit your provider every 28 days to receive treatment. This medication can be used to treat both alcohol and opioid dependence. The most common side effects that you may experience with this medication include headache, stomach/intestinal upset, and reactions at the site the medication was injected. If these side effects become unmanageable or if you experience any other side effects, contact your provider.

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