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Patient Assistance

Medical bills are one of the biggest reasons that millions Americans declare bankruptcy every year. Cornerstone is here to make sure that costs don't impact your well-being.

Cornerstone is by your side to help you navigate the barriers of paying for your medication

Navigating the barriers of insurance, donut holes, non-covered medications can cause a stressful experience, especially if you're already dealing with a medical issue. Our pharmacy team is dedicated to being alongside you to find the right support and help you gain access to paying for your medications.

Expertise in connecting you with the right resources

Cornerstone Health Solutions has the experience and relationship of working with drug manufacturers, foundations, insurance companies, and other community resources that can help bridge the gap of coverage on your medications. We have helped secure over $13M of financial assistance for patients who need it, since 2011.

We'll complete all the forms and enrollment that you need

Our team is dedicated to getting you the right forms and documentation submitted to the right people who make the decisions on your drug coverage. Ranging from prior authorizations to enrollment in patient assistance programs (PAP), Cornerstone's pharmacy team can help guide the work on accurately getting the information to the right place, quickly.

Reach out to Cornerstone Health Solutions today and a representative will assist you in getting the support you need for your medications.

Other resources for patient assistance or financial programs: